Package Build Kernel going Zombie during Update Builds & Deploy



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I have an open SR with Oracle, but I wanted to reach out to this community for some ideas.

We've been on Tools since January, from 9.1.3. Starting a few weeks ago our Package Build Kernel for our DV and PY builds will Zombie periodically. There are times when I can't even build the simplest single object package. Then later I can do a very large update build with dozens (10 page build report) without issue. It seems entirely random.

We did find a networking issue related to our DV builds. We were building DV to 2 servers and one of the servers had a rogue network adapter that picked up a random IP address. We fixed that and DV was building fine for almost 2 weeks. This past weekend I did a successful Full Build with no issue, and we even dropped the second build server because we didn't need it anymore. Anyway, the very next update build went Zombie. After multiple reboots and attempts I finally got multiple small update builds done and deployed. I got up early this morning to do that large update build that failed the night before so I could gather the logs for Oracle Support, and the build was successful.

We have the same problem in our PY path code. We haven't experienced the issue in Production, but we don't build production often and those packages are usually much smaller, but I haven't noticed that the size of the package has anything to do with the issue.

Anyway, has anyone else had issues with the Package Build Kernel going Zombie? Any ideas on how to fix it?

Oracle says they have had other customers report the issue.

Also, when the issue originally appeared I got a dmp file. I don't know if it was every time, but I noticed it several times. I haven't noticed one in a while. Does that indicate anything?

This isn't technically a down Production issue, but were getting ready to implement another phase of our project and PY builds are frequent so this is a huge problem for us.

Thank you!
Have you tried building a new full package? Maybe something in your current base full package is corrupted and a new full package may be needed to get around that.
How does the call stack look like when you get the zombie. Can you post the entire call stack?
Here at my company, we had/have that periodically. It was caused by the backup process on our iSeries.
Hi Frank, my company we have the same issue, sometime in PY and sometime in PD, and workaround found to date was to make small packages:
could you tell me what was the SR Oracle solution (if found)?

thanks a lot,