XE Project Numbering Scheme


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I am looking for some ideas on what others are using as a standard numbering
scheme for their XE projects.


Dave Rammer
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On a client site, i had started with two project for each Module being
implemented in JDEdwards (One for Technical work and one for functional

As the project progressed, I realised that I was having to spend a lot of
time in searching specific objects within a particular project in the
Functional project. So I broke up this into various projects like:
Module Name + Type of Objects Here, I was also referencing the JDE system
code e.g. 16 for Profitability Management.

e.g. P16 Batch Versions,
P16 Interactive Versions,
P16 Menus, and,
P16 UDC's

This increased the number of projects drastically (I was implementing
Finance+Distribution+Manufacturing), but the search and management of
specific objects was very convienent.

Shital Shah


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Interesting post. I like the idea of using the System code in the project name - that allows a lot of flexibility in searching for types of projects. However - most companies (I hope) would only be creating modifications using system 55 - 59 (at least I hope the majority of projects would be that way !)

I know that a lot of projects I have worked on, the custom application - if based on a JDE app - would represent the system code in the 3rd and 4th byte - ie P4210 would become P554210. Therefore, basing the project name on the 5 front bytes would lead to a project name similar to "P5542...."

If a customer is using a support system in parallel with their changes - whether its the standard CSMS system in JDE or something else in parallel - usually a ticket number is provided. A four digit help-desk ticket number would therefore create a project name similar to "1045P5542" or "P55421045"

I guess these project names are starting to look a little like JDE's object names !!

The answer, therefore, would have to be "whatever you feel comfortable with". If you use a 3rd party ticket system - then your project name should reflect that number - otherwise, I would recommend starting to use a ticket system if you are going to start creating a large number of projects.

Just my tuppence.

Jon Steel
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Date (YYMMDD) + seq #

Example: 010912-1

The project description field is used to relate what the project is about (Example: "Customer Shipment Notification").

Don't forget projects also have a system code, category codes, and Started, Planned Completion, and Actual Completion date fields if you feel the need to do reporting on projects.

Larry Jones
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