E900 Web Data Selection Issue


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We are currently testing E900 with TR and came across an issue
with report versions that have a predefined list or range of values.
What happens is if a user tries to modify one of these by selecting
"literal" the next screen comes up to the "single literal" tab and if
you click on one of the other tabs it has lost all of the predefined
values. This works correctly on an E900 development client but not the
web client. JDE support has tested on other tools releases and cannot
duplicate the issue. According to document 807976.1 this was supposed
to be resolved with, however we are encountering. If anyway
that is live or testing E900 with this specific tools release I would
appreciate it if you let me know if you see this issue. This is a very
important issue for us.


Dave Rammer

Sheboygan County

Currently: E810 TR Oracle DB Enterprise
Server: HP-UX 11.11 Oracle Application Server:

Moving to: E900 TR Oracle DB: Enterprise Server:
HP-UX 11.31 Oracle Application Server:

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This is a known issue...I ran into this at a customer with and we got a POC from Oracle Development who told me it would be resolved in can check for SAR 8920976 on My Oracle Support fro the same issue. However I am little surpised you are running into this on be it was fixed in and broken in ???