Xe F4074 Disappearing With Kits



I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this same issue. It sounds a
little bit like the one for F4074 for B7332, but it's different.

I have set up a kit with multiple components with a kit pricing method of
'4' in the item master. There are no F4106 records in our system. All of
our pricing is coming from advanced pricing. I have the processing option
behind P4210 set to show component lines.

My adjustment schedule for testing purposes has three adjustments. The
first is an add on amount (basis code of 5) and the other two are accruals.
My first adjustment uses an order detail group that is based on order type,
UPC2, and LOB. I must use preference profile processing to populate these
values within my F4211 (I tried all of this without preferences and cannot
duplicate it).

At order entry, I enter a kit and am brought to the kit selection window
where I select components. I record the order, reinquire, and see the
component lines written. I take a row exit to Price History for any one of
the component lines to verify pricing. Instead of closing out of the order,
I click OK. When I reinquire again, all of my F4074 records are missing! I
can test this a different way by first entering an order for a kit item,
then coming back in and adding a line for a non-kit item. When I come back
into the order after adding the non-kit item, the F4074 records are gone for
the kit items only.

Is this a cache issue? Anyone else have the joy of using preferences, kits,
and advanced pricing and getting interesting results in Xe?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Tammy Baade
M&D Information Systems, Inc.
Senior Distribution Consultant & Integration Specialist
[email protected]
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