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Dear List

Are any threads available about the pros and cons of using a TSE/WTS or JAS? If no thread is available I'd like to initiate the discussion. Object to be discussed are
Performance used per User?
Number of CPUS required?
RAM used per User (50MB on WTS) and on JAS?
How many users are supported having 1GB RAM and 10 GB Harddisk?
Harddisk? RAID?
3rd Party products required?
Installation time?
Thanks for the input


What about the cost difference, especially with respect to the each server
license needed for Citrix and the Citrix license packs needed to cover the
total number of users? How does this compare with JAS?

Wayne Leaks
I don't know much about the JAS side, but I do know that at FOCUS 2001 it came across quite clearly that JDE was pushing JAS harder than WTS.

Kevin Sundquist
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This is interesting Kevin because we hear on the grapevine in the UK that
JAS is being sidelined on funding in Denver as dollars are being pushed
toward HTML developments.

Any other views out there?

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I disagree with the comment regarding the Focus comment, I think they were
pushing HTML over jas or WTS. In fact, when I went last year to Focus,
everything was Java this, and Java that..now it is HTML this and HTML that.
On many of the slides that I saw, they kept showing that there was
functionality that was only available through the HTML client and not the
Java client. I would not be surprised to see the Java client disappear
totally in the next year or two, or at least carry minimal support..did
anyone else feel this way from attending last year vs this year?


Xe, SP14.2, NT, SQL7


I have installed several JAS servers for the 'zero client'

You do lose some functionality at the end user. There are 2 types of
clients, Java and Html. They are about the same as far as performance when
accessing the system. Websphere 3.5 is very robust and the customer has the
cabability to integrate a full solution between JDE and IBM. Store fronts

I do know you must have a min 2g RAM on the JAS, Dual processors would be a
minimum to start depending on the users.

If you would like you can contact me for more information, I would be glad
to share my experience with you. The choice really depends in the customer
and their comfort level of JDE and if they have adequate resources to make
this successful

I have a demo site you can also use if needed. Call I can give you access if you like.

Darian Anderson