OrderLess Mfg. vs. Production Rate Schedule


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Can someone explain the pros and cons for using orderless vs. production rate schedule in repetitive manufacturing.

Some are advocating for Orderless since they claim it is much easier to use as work orders are not required. Some are claiming that it lacks many of the benefits and requirements and essentials that Production Rate Schedule provides.

Thanks for any insight on this topic.


Al, I am sure you have moved on, but I guess the best answer I can give based on my experience, Order less Manufacturing is of value when you need to change production schedules (Completed Part) on the life due to business requirements (Not really locked into a plan). Repetitive, Allows for Daily, Weekly or even Monthly production schedules. Best used when there are large qty's of similar parts being produced on standardized production lines.

Hope that helps, But as I am sure you know, the decision is really based on the individual client and their challenges and processes.