WTS client calls P986110B

Dear list

If you call Batch Version (P98305) on a WTS client, then run a batch and then hit FORM Submitted Jobs, the following screen occurs P986110B/W986110BA. This actually is fine. Except that screen (debuging showed) retrieves its data from SYSB733.F986110 instead of SVMB733.F986110. Unfortunatelly SYSB733.F986110 is empty which is correct too, since the data is within SVMB733.F986110. So the user can not retrieve their batch jobs. Is there a setup problem or is this a feature?

Thanks for your help

Platform: NT 4.0 / SP6
Release: OneWorld 73.3.1
Service Pack: SP10.1
Database: Oracle 8.0.5


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This is a set up problem and relates to the OCM mapping for the WTS
environment - check the mapping for Business Functions - I think they are
B9861100, B9861101, B9861102, B9861113, B9861114, B9861115, B9861116, these
should all be mapped local and not to run on the server. do this and you
will not see the problem.

OW733.3 Xe SP 14.2
Enterprise Server - Intel NT + Oracle 8.0.6
Client - Citrix TSE + Some 95 and NT PC's