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Is there a way to include the sum of a field in the data selection? I am
trying to write a Minimum Order Value report using F4211. I want to total
the value of the open orders by customer. I only want to print the
customers whose totals are less than $50.00. Is there a way to do this in

Any help would be appreciated.

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We only wish there was... (i.e.: Nope)

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Nope, no way to do that in WW.

I myself had this self-same problem just a week ago. My solution was to use
query against the file, summary output to a new file, then use WW on the
summary output file to select for vendors under a certain amount.

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You could if you use Query, Query400 allows to output to a file in summary,
then you'd run a second Query, or WW , against the resulting outfile.
Getting Query to summarize the proper field can be a bit difficult, but
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Unfortunately, you cannot do this within world writer. What we end up doing
is downloading the data into Crystal Reports, and do the totaling and
filtering there (note: the total fields will not download through Client
Access either). Hopefully this helps.

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Fax: (314) 991-3423 this being considered in any of the WW enhancements? I know a
lot of users run into this on a regular basis.
Can we have an Operand for a Calculation on a field called SUM (or that
performs a sum function, I don't care what you call it), so that we can
create a field in a WW that SUMS the values of the specified data item, and
then the newly created field can be used in data selection?

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Okay a simple SQL statement will do,

Select sdna8, sum(sduorg[iam not sure if this is the right field) as oqnty
from F4211 where sdnxtr/sdlttr = [your status which indicates that order is
still open] and oqnty > 50 group by sdan8,sduorg
order by sdan8,sddoco
(order is my preference you dont have to do it if u dont want)
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And packaged in a simple CLP of RUNQRY's, CLRPFM and MONMSG, added to a
custom menu. I also use a combination of QRY's and WW's in a similar


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Depending on whether you want to print customers whose totals per open order
are < $50.00 or whose totals for ALL open orders are < $50.00:

Use WW to query either F4201.SHOTOT or F0301.A5APRC updated from
F4211.SDAEXP (make sure you're running relevant versions of the Repost
Active Sales Orders P42995).


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It's interesting that you can do this with SQL but not with WorldWriter,
especially since WW is built over SQL. An oversight, do you suppose, on the
part of JDE? Or did they think no one would notice...

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