Workflow in B733.2


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Is anyone using Workflow? If so I would like to talk to you about how you are using it.

B733.2 SP11.2
AS400 Central Objects


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We use a lot of workflow in B733.2. Specifically we use it for:

-A/R Credit Limit
-GL JE Approval
-HR Company Property
-HR License Renewal
-HR Employee Termination
-HR New Employee Hire

What do you need to know?


Colin Dawes, MSc
City of Guelph
B7332 SP13.1, Oracle 8.1.6, NT 4.0, Fat & WTS
We are using workflow, at the moment we only have it controlling the change of
"lot status" but plan to use it a lot more, let me know offline if I can answer
any questions you have with workflow,

B7332 SP14
CO: AS400 V4R5M0