Work Centres and Routing


hi guys

I've read over the oracle doc on work centres used in manufacturing and not really any more the wiser

Can someone explain in layman terms how work centres, routing and work order (from point of being raised to completion) all link together and how they do this

Much appreciated - im on 9.2



You've just asked for a two weeks of training to be summarised into a forum response.

well im familiar enough with work orders just not the work centre or routing, I understand the concepts of them but how they relate in terms of a normal process flow would be nice to know.


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The issue is that without context there is a lot that needs to be understood.

In really simple terms a work center is a machine or work station where a particular manufacturing task is performed (I assume you're asking about manufacturing and not service or equipment work orders where are work center is more commonly referred to as a craft). There a lots of ways that a work center can be set up depending on your costing model, whether you backflush, do you track production efficiency etc etc.
A routing is just a list of steps that are required to complete the manufacturing activity. Each routing step is done at a work center. Again, there are a lot of options on how a routing is defined. You also have other potential pieces like outside operations and intermediate parts.