New Screen: Work Centre to Job # Link and UBE name / EDOC value search in Work Centre



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Hi folks,

This week I've been playing around with a long standing gripe of mine in E1. The Work Centre is fantastic for finding out why a UBE may have awry but can be rather clumsy trying to find your job #s results.....
That was until today! (well yesterday evening) I made a clone and played about.

I have added 4 FC, UBE Name VERS Name, JobNBR and TSV for searching the actual messages

P012503 W012503F doesn't actually read over F01131/M or F986110 at all. It reads over the UDC table! But goes off to the UDC to form the work centre nodes and uses Get Custom Tree Node to populate the data you see using Insert Grid Buffer. (It all matches your AN8 on F0113)

You can play around with the Insert Grid Buffer statements and use Event Rules to 'filter' what you see based on the UBE (OBNM) JOBNBR etc

There is no link between F986110 and the WC so I cheat. Using your JOBNBR I go to F986110, get the FNDFUF2 and SBMTIME fields. I then split out the UBE and VERS and use the SBMTIME field to filter F01131 records that MUST have a time greater than the job start time (downside is you will also see later jobs of the same UBE VERS that day, but easy to fix)

I have also added EDOC / DOCO search ability to just look for matching text in the WC messages on F01131M. If I find a match I show that WC node. If I don't, I don't.

It's all rather simple really, but amazed E1 hasn't made something like this.

I have attached the .TXT (search for John Danter) I can email you the PAR or html print out, if you need.




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