Work Centre messages and their time stamp



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Hi List,

We use Work centre messages the same as everyone else
I've been asked to have a look into adding the time stamp into the work centre messages

E1's WC is ok but it doesn't tell you the actual time the message or job was ran. This can be hard tying back the WC message to a frequently running job.

I know the time is on the F01131 but not the F01131M however

Anyone have any ideas how this can be improved?
I've tried to search here but can't find an



If you need to record the time, I think a Database table trigger to populate a custom table with the F01131M key and a date/time stamp is probably the simplest. Then modify (clone) the P012503 to look up and add in the time to wherever you need it. As the work centre tables are in the business data data-source (and not a system type data-source) adding a table trigger should be OK.
Cheers Peter.
That would work :)

I was just hoping there's a simple INI file setting to show it.

Silly decision of JDE not to show the time

Unfortunately, as you pointed out, there is no time column in the F01131M, so it is not possible via INI or even a PO. However, if you don't want to use a table trigger and a custom table, you could pick up the time stamp from the F01131 and apply it to all the child entries in the F01131M when displaying them in the P012503 (there is no INI or PO for this either).