Work Center Printing


We have found the Work Center to be good, yet cumbersome to sort out if we
have a sales update blow up with 40 lines on it. Is there a way that
someone has figured how to print this out?

It would help us in getting of the ground faster.

Bill Powell
Client Services Manager
ICS - Tampa


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I, too, would like to know if there is a printing solution to the Work Center. I would also like to expand this question to find out how others are using work center messages. In my company, a computer operator runs our end of day processing. Anyone who needs to look at the work center messages for errors is required to sign on to OneWorld with the computer operator's sign on, because the messages are in his work center. Being able to print the messages and distribute them to the appropriate people would be preferred. Also, as I understand, if you use RUNUBE to run the end of day UBEs, messages aren't written to the work center, so how does one view error messages in this case?

Keith Papenfuss
The Vollrath Co., LLC
B7331, Xe, AS/400, NT, WTS


Keith, I have just recently set up batch processing in tune with the
Workcenter. This may not be the way everyone does it.

I setup the ID "NIGHTSHIFT" with proper security to run the batch reports
(I.E.. posting). I used the Scheduler in JDE and submitted the reports to
run overnight on a daily basis. The Scheduler allows you to assign a user ID
to the job (password for ID is needed), I used NIGHTSHIFT. At the moment we
don't have Operations monitoring JDE batch, instead the users check the UBE
output for the NIGHSHIFT user ID and then access the error reports via
NIGHTSHIFT's workcenter mailbox. The users don't have to sign on to
NIGHTSHIFT to get to the mailbox. They use the EMPLOYEE MAILBOX option in
the workcenter.

Hope this helps!


Michelle D.

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I still haven't figured out a way to print everything that I want, but you
can see anyone's work center messages by doing the following:

From Workflow Management, choose Employee Queue Manager and then look up any
user that you would like.

Michelle Dulay
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We have created a UBE here that prints out Work Center Messages for a given user id. It starts with the F01131 PPAT Message Control File, and then is joined to the F01131M, the JDEM Multi Level Message File. The F01131M is joined to itself several time so we can get down to the level of detail that we want to see. Haven't figured out the blob part yet so it doesn't display the exact text that you'll see in the work center, but our users are able to determine what the problems are without having to drill down in the work center for each error message. Hope this helps, if you need more details just let me know.

Dan Sorahan
Edwards Lifesciences
B7332 SP11.3, ESU 4116422, AS400 V4R3