N/A IMAITM - 3rd Item Number - what is it for and how do we get it to print


We use the 3rd Item number (IMAITM) for all our descriptive stock code in E1. the 2nd Item number (IMLITM) we use for a 9 digit non descriptive numeric number. We would like to have the 3rd number print out on our sales orders. We would like to have it show up as a row under the Description Field. Because the 3rd item is a unique ID we believe it is a good place to use "Descriptive" Part number and still have the ability to improve and change it in the future without affecting the 2nd number that shows up on most of our documentation.


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You're using it exactly how intended.
Since your Sales Order Document is most likely specific to your organization (custom) you will need to change the program and/or format document to include the 3rd Item Number. There's a number of ways that external documents can be generated. Almost all of which have some degree of customization at some level.



We use 3rd item number for as the default item number for some branch plants, which enables it to print on purchase order and invoice documents

Below branch plant uses 2nd item number on invoices/ purchase orders\
We leave the 2nd item number identifier blank for these

However, we have some branch plants like this one where we want to print the 3rd item number on purchase orders and invoices
we leave the Third Item Number identifier blank for these


Instead of using 3rd item number, have you considered using an item cross reference?:
e.g. there is a processing option on R42565 Print invoice to print both the cross reference item number and the 2nd item number/3rd item number depending on branch plant setup: