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Can I get some feedback from people who have experience with Win2000 Terminal Server using Citrix Metaframe. We are about to go live next month and have decided to go with Win2000 Terminal Server over NT Terminal Server. Any known problems with Win2000 Terminal Server running Citrix and JDE.


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I have been running W2k TS with Citrix XP for about 3 weeks now. So far nothing to big has happened. The Print Spooler service was dying for a (still) unknown reason, but I modifed the service to restart automatically after 1 minute. This only happens once maybe twice a week. No data loss has been reported yet. I am currently on SP1 with W2K due to the fact that some of our other machines are having issues with SP2. Running Oneworld XE on it seems to be working just fine. (other than the regular JDE issues ;) )

The only other thing to watch for is printer drivers! These can be fussy. Watch out for names and NT vs 2000 drivers.

That's my two cents worth. (1.3 cents Canadian eh!)

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Greg :

W2000+Terminal Services runs pretty well... In fact, some of my clients
decided to use it alone (without Citrix) because of its good performance
and stability.
Whether you choose (or not) to use Citrix, check that your NT users
have a LOCAL Terminal Server Home Directory defined on their
profiles (such as c:\users\user01\...).
I've had lot of random errors with obsolete JDE.INI that disappeared
after setting their local WTS Home directory to a local path.

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My experience was good. We implemented Win2000 TSE with Citrix to run sales
order entry on four (4) remote sites. The performance is good, minimum
maintenance. My recommendation: find out if you have to apply the TSE
cookbook. You might need to apply that huge fix in order to run any
application that uses temporary work files.

Good luck, and have fun!


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My company has been running Win 2000 Terminal server/Citrix for about a year
now. In my opinion, it is much more stable than Win NT/Citrix. As long as
we reboot them every night, we are pretty much trouble free.

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