Who is the User Connected OW - AS/400 Db


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Is their any way to find out who the user is running the on the AS/400 when they login
from the oneworld application. I find you are blind and cannot see the whole picture.
If a OW Connection starts going crazy on the AS/400 you cannot determine who the user
is and i.e. troubleshoot the problem.

All I see is QZADASOINIT in the subsystem with user QUSER..many many times...



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Rob, I usually look at the qzdasoinit job log and then check the ip address
listed in the job log against our WINS address table. Cumbersome, maybe but
at least I can figure out who's running a monster job.



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Of course if you are using WTS... Well... 45 users share an IP address.
So, just guess who it is based on files open and the I/O counts. Nothing
quite more fulfilling than that exercise.

AS400 V4R4, B733.2, SP11.3, NT-SQL7 for CO