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I'm new to JDE and have been asked to produce a SQL report of 'X' users and the date their accounts were deactivated (this is not last login date), over a specific period, we have JDE 9.1.5.

I can produce a report of 'X' users but cannot find where to pull the deactivation date from.

Would really appreciate any guidance.
Many thanks
I think the question I'm asking really is which is the table that holds the deactivation date.
Debbie. A simple approach: Try filtering on F98OWSEC, Enabled User (alias EUSER) = '02' and Date Updated (alias UPMJ) = / between <date range>. This is the audit stamp date that gets updated whenever a record is changed. Assuming it was the last person to update (deactivate) the user's security record, this should reflect the deactivation date you want to see. I don't believe there is a specific deactivation date in the JDE user security tables.
It depends on how your company handles the process.
If your JDE's Security History Logging is enabled you could also search in F9312 for the date and also find more info (like taking roles off the user - but as i said, depends on your process).