Where to find API'S


Where to find API\'S


Can anyone teel where I can find API'S in OWXE?
Because I need to create a businessfunction to get the dataselection on the report.
Thank you very much for your help.

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Christian Audet

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Re: Where to find API\'S

Hi David,

If you look for the API's Documentation then you can find it on the JDEdwards Knowledge Garden. Look for a file called "b7333jdeapis.chm".

Christian Audet

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RE: Where to find API\'S

From the OneWorld explorer \Help\Content
two windows will come up. Close the one on top. You want to be using the
Online Help Directory.
Select Tools, Technical, & Foundation\OneWorld Tools API Reference
This will bring up another window. Double click on the book. and then
double click on the book for system functions.
This will then give you the books for where system functions are used and
you can choose the one that coordinates with the development you are doing.


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Re: RE: Where to find API\'S

Hi Brian and Administrator/Moderator,

Brian, thanks you to desccribe the little bit tricky way how to access this really usefull On-Line help in OneWorld.
I have also already done it several time. I was many times on to consider to save it into a file and next time just Copy/Paste it but I haven't done it up to now.

Administrator/Moderator, isn't it the good time to place this topic onto the "OneWorld / XE Tips and Traps" board of the Forum in a bit edited version, and next time just to refer this in the replies, further making available for everybody who visits that board.

1.) It would be fortunate the change the subject of the post according to the contents of it e.g. "How to access usefull Help in OneWorld".
2.) With a little bit addition as the sub-section is "Published APIs" instead of "OneWorld Tools API Reference" in versions prior XE.

Hope, this reply wasn't too off-topic.


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