When to take up the JDE upgrade, at the end or during/mid of the financial year?


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It is always better to have no open transactions during an upgrade but that would be unreal and mostly impossible situation to have.

We are using JDE 8.12 right now and planning to go for an upgrade to JDE 9.2. My query is at the time of upgrade, if there are any open transaction and balances then how to get the data to the 9.2 tables which might have extra columns? Which tables to consider that have the details of the open transactions and balances for data migration?

What are the best practices of upgrade from 8.12 to 9.2?

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Our recommendation is that you undertake data cleansing in the lead up to year end and try to get year end as clean as possible with the fewest number of open transactions to be carried over. You then do your upgrade either straight after the first period close or straight after the first quarter close. In theory you should have fewest open transactions to deal with at that time. You do NOT want to try to take an upgrade live until the prior year has been closed and all financial reporting is done if you value your job.


Thanks you for your time, Codlin. Yes that would be one of the practice, to have less open transaction as much as possible at the time of upgrade.

But my Question is still unanswered w.r.t data migration of the open transactions and the master tables to consider.

Thanks in advance.