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When and how does the system update field ROQ ?


Dear JDE users,,
According to the help message for field ROQ in Item/Branch-Quantity
screen, the ROQ
will be updated by the system if there's SUFFICIENT Sales History.

Please help to answer the following questions :

1. How to ensure there's SUFFICIENT Sales History ? One month ? One
Year ?
2. Is there any option to run in order to update ROQ ?
3. I don't see any ROQ value displayed on Buyer Information screen
can I obtain the value and HOW ?



Well Known Member
I believe there is no processing option to cause ROQ to update. Try going to
Branch Plant, Quantities, look at Reorder Quantity, for an item with lots of
activity. Do you see a quantity? This is field ROQI. Is this the same field
you are talking about? This is same field as on Buyer Info screen.