Weighted Average Cost


I am looking for the flag which tells OW to update the weighted average cost
at vouchering. Can someone tell me where to look?

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Re turning on weighted cost update in voucher match, I would check the

AAI's 4330 and 4332 are set up.
Line type S (stock) or equivalent is being used.
Inventory interface is turned on in line type S setup.
GL interface is turned on in line type S setup.
AP interface is turned on in line type S setup.
GL offset in line type S setup is a code which will hit the right inventory
Interface GL is turned on in branch plant constants.
Set sales/inventory cost method to type 02 in branch plant constants .
Set processing options in P0411, voucher match tab, option 1 set to 1, and
option 2 calls the version of P4314 you want to use.
P4314 processing options, in version called above, set as desired.

If this stuff does not do it, I would e-mail Mike Thompson at
[email protected] who knows this stuff cold.

Dave Mallory Denver Water
UDC 40/AV is where I believe the flag for P4314 should be set to Y to have
Weighted Average to be affected by Voucher Match.

Two places to look, first look in the system constants to be see how the
system is setup to update average cost, online or in batch?

Second, look at the 40/AV UDC - this contains the program names that will
have average cost updated.

Also, there may be a flag in the line type file which tells the system to
update the unit cost if there is a variance in receipt matching.

Finally, be aware that there is a pretty cool relatively new module called
Advanced Stock Valuation which does FIFO, LIFO and Average costing.


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