Using DSI with Weighted Average Costing


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HELP! - Using DSI with Weighted Average Costing

Hello. We are using DSI for PO receipt routing and for inventory transfers within E1. We are noticing that the 02 cost is not being properly established at the time of receipt of a new item. For this particular distribution location, they have decided to establish costing at level 3 so every new item, lot, location within the branch plant creates a new F4105 record. They also are utilizing landed costs, but what we are seeing with PO receipts using DSI is that the 02 cost being established for new lot receipts is being established at a unit cost equal to only the landed costs, but not accounting for any of the product costs tied to the PO. The 01 cost record is properly updating with the correct combined unit cost, but not the 02. We have checked the UDC 40/AV table and the related DSI programs are listed and flagged as "Y" for updating WAC, and we also have the constants flag set to perform online WAC updates.

All of our other locations utilize standard cost, and we are looking for any insights to anyone else who may have experience with using DSI in E1 under an 02 costing method for inventory.

Your help in advance is appreciated!
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