WebSphere61 & IIS - instance creation fails



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I am trying to do a clean install of WebSphere 6.1 and IIS on a windows server 2003 machine. When I get to the part to install the HTML instance I get the following error:

1. Unable to remove the instance 'EAP_ESRV34_95' from targets.xml repository; the instance was not installed properly and may cause undesired results.:Unable to install the instance 'EAP_ESRV34_95'; an exception was thrown during the installation procedure.:Exception invoking method install:Exception invoking method configureHttpPort:null

Machine info:
Windows Server 2003 Std Edition

What was installed:
Installed IIS and tested - default web site works
Installed WAS61 to C:\WebSphere61\AppServer
Installed WAS Plugins to C:\WebSphere61\Plugins
Installed WAS Fixpack 09 to C:\WebSphere61\AppServer
Installed WAS JDK Fixpack 09 to C:\WebSphere61\AppServer & C:\WebSphere61\Plugins
Installed WAS PLG Fixpack 09 to C:\WebSphere61\Plugins
Installed Management Agent

The following was performed from Server Manager:

Register WAS61 and path=C:\WebSphere61\AppServer
Create J2EE under WAS61 as J2EE_95 under profile AppSrv01
Start J2EE_95 server
Install SQL & AS400 JDBC Driver under J2EE_95 server
Create E1 HTML Server EAP_ESRV34_95 on port 95 as E1 HTML Server version
----- This is where it fails! -----
Create Managed Instance runs for a few minutes then gives the error message.

Any help with this issue is greatly appreciated as we no longer have JDE/Oracle support.