Web Services - AIS Server & REST or BSSV & SOAP


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We are investigating the web service possibilities in 9.1 for interoperability between various system.
We have new BSSV and AIS servers installed, but we are struggling to find documentation regarding AIS and REST services (why to use?, when to use?, how to use?)

Could anyone help providing more information about this?



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REST for AIS is useful when you want to call application logic within an E1 application. This is used to "simulate" the same app natively in a mobile app.
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These are two different integartion products you can use depending on your requirements.
For normal heavy business transactions you need BSSV & SOAP for integration with 3rd party systems by exposing the web services which help to use the native JDE business logic.
AIS & REST is specially designed on lighter side to have E1 apps on Mobile.

Hope this helps. There should be some documentation on Oracle website or you can search on KG/Support site.



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Have you Googled for REST & JDE? - surely there are 3rd-party REST interfaces for JDE available on the market. For instance, ours ;-)