Web server populate clipboard? Or alternative?


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Hi Gurus,

My company wishes to be able to populate the Formatted address (traditionally in W01012C - in separate fields) into a single field in order to A) Highlight, B) Copy and then C) Paste the address (hopefully still formatted) into a word document. I have searched the forums and have only seen where Scott B. has done this on fat client, but not on Web server. Has anyone done something similar? Even if I have to put it all in an embedded Media Object and go from there, it would be worth it to hear from you.

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Ben again,
There's code in R42565 - Sales Invoice - that formats the address per the Country convention.
I'd steal that code then concatenate the results with Carriage Returns (use BSFN B7400150).
Stuff the results into a large text field that has multi-line enabled.

Convert CR And LR to Hexadecimal
FC AddressField = concat("Now is the time for all good men ",concat([VA evt_cCR]," to come to the aid of their country"))