WC Scheduling



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One of our departments wants to start scheduling regular process improvement activities in their WC, which will effectively use up 2 hours of their current 9 hours scheduled each day. We have considered reducing their capacity in the WC, but if we drop below the 8 hours per day in our Manufacturing Constants, then we run into back-scheduling problems (first operation start/last operation completion dates and WO start and end dates don't align properly). Our other option we've thought of is to add a WO which has 2 hours each day with queue time to then force the next day's 2 hours, and so forth. We'd probably run each WO for a week at a time. This would be a lot of WO's and operations to have to create and manage.

Does anyone know of any other way that we could account for these other 2 hours per day for this WC?

By the way, this should be my 1,000th post! I really enjoy this great forum for all things JDE!

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.
For individual work centers, you can use the Enter/Change Resource Units (P3007)to make temporary adjustments to specific work centers for specific dates. Remember to exclude that work center/time period when running the R3007G Work Center Resource Unit Generation.