Warehousing question R46171



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Hi list,

If you are using warehousing and have more than one warehouse site, would I be right in thinking you need to run R46171 in it's single threaded queue, one queue per warehouse site?


It depends on the volume and time taken to process.
I would use the standard subsystem job, and if it is not able to keep up, then splitting off by warehouse seems to be the logical next step.
If you're running them as standard batch jobs, submit them to a single threaded queue, and if that creates a backlog to be processed, then creating single threaded queues for warehouses or groups of warehouses makes sense.
Cheers Dave, I did ask on the developers forum but got no joy.

Some sites are small yes but we did have an issue this week whereby one site was queued up behind the other running a 2hr job.

We are very busy here and rapid picking/packing is vital. So I've suggested a queue per site. I just wanted to see what others are doing as I can't really think of an alternative