Warehouse Replenishment Rules


Hello list,

How can I setup the Advanced Warehousing to auto-replenish warehouse locations based on pick request? When we run Process Pick Request, the process does not replenish the primary picking location from the other locations (in order to fulfill the order), even though the inventory is available. The locations are setup to allow the auto replenish. Can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance...


Make Sure you have setup:
picking instructions for replenishment.
Location profiles for replenishment.
replenishment Instruction for replenishment.
Fixed Picking Location for replenishment.
Fixed replenishment zones for replenishment.
Processing option in Pick Request Version (XJDE0002)of Programme " R46171" to create replenishment request.



Hello, I have one query regarding replenishment.
Which takes precedence Replenishment process mode set in P46093 or replenishment tie breaker rule set in P46095.
I have tried setting process mode to S as well as P but not finding difference in result. I think tie breaker rule manages it.
I want replenishment to happen from few locations. For example if I need to replenish qty 600 and it is available in 1 location then it should suggest if from that location rather than splitting between multiple location. Please suggest.