E9.2 P31113 - Material status '07' prevents back-flushing the parts list


JD Edwards E920 Release 22

We use JD Edwards Manufacturing together with WMS License Plates.

Stock is stored in the warehouse on license plates.

The R31410 attaches the parts list to the work order and creates the pick requests. The pick requests are processed to create pick suggestions.

Every time a pick suggestion is confirmed the original parts list line is broken down into a new line with status '08' for the quantity that was pick confirmed. The original (07) line decreases with the quantity that has just been reported back.

If you do a partial completion (P31114 - Backflush Processing Option set to '2' - Blind Execution), then backflushing cannot be done and therefore no completion as long as there is a line set to '07'. There is an error message: "Item in Warehouse".

Is there any way we can bypass the check on these '07' lines? (P31113 'Display Processing Option #6' is set to 1 - 'Select all lines for Issue on entry').

It is not possible to have all the pick suggestions confirmed (so, no '07' lines will remain) before doing the partial completion.