WAN/LAN Recommendations


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I am doing a LAN/WAN analysis to see if existing WAN links and LAN
infrastructure will facilitate not only the current traffic, but also be
large enough to accommodate any future growth. To this end, I need to
gather as much information as I can regarding how JDE and MetaFrame use WAN
bandwidth on a per user basis. This should include logon/logoff traffic,
peak usage traffic, as well as normal operating traffic.
Has anybody done this type of analysis before or can you point me in the
right direction?


OneWorld Xe SP15.1 Update 1
Oracle 8.1.6
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Hey Kent,
I know we did a complete analysis of the traffic patterns that you are looking for in the JDEdwards performance labs about 3 years ago. I know that information was published on the knowledge garden site in the GATS documentation at one time. You may be able to still find it there.

Good luck.