Voucher match against a blanket PO


Do blanket Purchase orders have to be used with sales orders? All the documentation I see is for use with sales orders. I'm trying to set them up for the use of third party contractors contract periods to draw down on work done and pay them.

The released POs are OB. So far I cannot voucher match any of the released POs. When I try to do a two way match nothing comes up.

Can anyone help me to understand the correct process and use of these?


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Hi Bonnie,

No, blanket purchase orders can be used within the purchasing process only, in exactly the manner you describe.

Typically, you do not voucher the OB itself. It functions like a requisition - you set up a version of P43060 that allows you to release orders (OP, whatever) from the OB, and THOSE are the orders you voucher. The OB open amount is reduced by each release, and, depending on your tolerance rules, will not allow further releases once a certain point is reached. (FYI - I would assume that the reason you can't see the OBs while trying to do a two way match is that the OB order activity rules do not place OBs at a "voucherable" status.)

Look at Oracle Doc IDs 625636.1 and 1465245.1 for some more helpful info, and let me know if you have additional questions.