Voucher Match - 3 Way Match Error


Our company is trying to do a 3-Way Voucher Match but getting an error that prevents the voucher from saving. The total receipt amount is different than the invoice amount by $0.22, so a receipt needs to be updated to reflect the correct amount. The receipt that needs to be updated has multiple account distribution. Once the receipt is updated and the voucher match is saved, the "Amount Does Not Balance to Gross" and "Posting Edit Code Does Not Allow Entry" errors are displayed and prevents the save. If I change a receipt that doesn't have multiple account distribution the save works fine. Can I not update a receipt during voucher match if it has multiple account distribution?
If you receive the "Posting Edit Code Does Not Allow Entry" message you are attempting to use a GL account you are not allowed to post to.
I agree, but that error only appears when I add on the $0.22 to the receipt with multiple accounts. If I add the $0.22 to a different receipt the amounts post to the same GL account without any errors.
Is there an exchange rate variance involved? Look at BUG 18505049 for 9.1.

Or, check your AAIs to be sure that your variances are set up to go to existing accounts, not demo data.