Voided Invoices and Batch not able to Post


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Has anyone encountered this?

Entered invoices, posted them. I voided the invoice,
when I go to post the Batch after posting I receive an
error R09801E, batch out of balance showing only the
reversal to the sales account but not able to generate
the AE to Accounts Receivable (All AAIs are OK) and I
can post for the first time, but after voiding is when
the batch won't post.

Please let me know what was done to take care of this


Ulrick Ceus
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Gilbert, Arizona
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We had the same problem. After revising an invoice and posting it on the server it would error out because the transaction didn't balance. If you posted it locally it worked.

Apply sar 3237812, build a server package and deploy it. This corrected our problem.

Patty Sullivan
Lee County Clerk of Courts
OneWorld System Administrator
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B7331 SP7.1 Unix/Oracle