Changing Posted A/R Invoices



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In the past I've always told our Finance Dept that the answer is "NO" on this (do a credit memo or some other adjustment instead) but now the CFO is asking so I'm throwing it out to you Accounts Receivable Wizards.

In general they want to be able to revise (add/Change amounts, dates, etc) of a Printed, Sent, and Posted Invoice after the fact.

In my opinion this would be a very poor business practice to allow this but what do I know - I'm just a programmer.

The specific instance today is if there's a way to change an invoice to add tax to a invoice item after its been posted. Excluding SQL gyrations and direct database surgery.

Anyone know how this can be done?
Doc ID 1967296.1 on the Oracle Support site talks about making changes to invoices that have been posted but not paid yet. Maybe that will help you make the necessary changes.

I saw this one has similar issue as mine. is there a way to adjust/offset for multiple invoices, For some reason all the zero dollar (Supposed to be) invoices has price on it. Also finance closed the period. Is there a way to make the changes for like 500 invoices without selecting each at a time?