E9.2 Visualize JDE security?


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Hi all,
i was wondering if anybody is visualizing their security in a matrix, spreadsheet, BI report whatsoever. I'm after the question "What exactly is <THIS> role allowed to do?". I can get a lot out of F00950 via SQL, for sure, but how about some nice clean spreadsheets? :)
If you know any software product that does this, or maybe just 70% of this, i'm also all ears.


Kim Schmidt

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My last two companies have been using AllOut Security - besides the improved ease of use versus the JDE security workbench, they offer a number of reports that can be used for Separation of Duty analysis, and point out potential conflicts as sometimes occur when users have multiple roles.


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I've worked for companies that use AllOut as well. If you want to take a stab at writing your own security report, try searching for "SOX Audits".


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As the others have said, ALLOut Security provides several great tools you can use. I think one of the best ways to look at the security for a particular role is via the security supergrid where you have the option of "merging" multiple security types to a single line. This means you can see Application and Action in a single line with only the column data that is pertinent to those security types. You can also select a checkbox on the screen to limit the results to only roles or only users (helpful when the user and role naming conventions are co-mingled). Once there, you can of course export the data to Excel.