Visual Studio 2010 - pdb file not found error


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I am trying to debug a custom c bsfn created in JDE 9.1 using VS2010. Followed the standard steps provided by oracle.
1. File open project activeconsole.exe
2. open .c and .h file
3. defined break points.

debug menu -> start debugging

before this I built the bsfn in optimize mode and debug info check mark. dll file CCUSTOM.

I am receiving the following errors as below.

'activConsole.exe': Loaded 'C:\E910\system\bin32\msvcr100.dll', Cannot find or open the PDB file
'activConsole.exe': Loaded 'C:\E910\system\bin32\PSThread.dll', Binary was not built with debug information.

As someone suggested in forum selected microsoft symbol servers
debug menu-> options and settings-> debugging->Symbols-> select microsoft symbol servers.

Still the enterprise login screen is not launching. Am I missing any other settings in visual studio?.


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In the latest releases the way to debug C functions is little different. Following are instructions in my own words.

1) Built your BSFN function
2) Open .c file in design mode
3) Set Break Points
4) Menu - Debug -> Attach to Process. Attach your application where you are running this BSFN. if it is report attach to activeconsole.exe.
5) Run your program.

That will take you to your c code and stop at your break points.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks Gov,

The custom business function is placed in P01012 address book application. So the same step attach process and select activeconsole.exe right


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I tried both ways attaching activeconsole.exe and java.exe. The control is not coming to break point defined in c bsfn. still i see pdb file not found. but this time no of pdb file not found errors reduced to 1 or 2 when java.exe is attached.


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No issues. Debugger is working fine. Launch VS2010 as administrator and give full access to E910 folder.