VAT account inf. at Sales Update Rept.


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I have a problem on Sales Order Update.
When the sales orders are updated, a journal report is generated, where A/R,Revenue,VAT,COGS and Inventory journals are printed out.For other account journals, both account number and amount appear.However, for VAT, only amount appears and no account inf. appears. Could you help me to check out the possible reasons? Or, should VAT account inf. be printed here? thanks for your help.


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We have found that the journal entries for VAT are not created by sales
update, but by the posting step - P09800. At the bottom of the posting
journal for that job, there is an AE (automatic entry) for the VAT payable,
complete with account number and amount. This entry is created in summary
for the whole batch.

Hope this helps.


Re: RE: VAT account inf. at Sales Update Rept.

thanks for your help. i also find the journal inf. will be listed after posting to G/L. but, i still have some questions. since the amount of VAT appears on the report, i doubt whether the account inf. should also be there?