V4R4M0 --> V5R1M0 upgrade


We are planning to upgrade our AS/400 Enterprise Server from a 720 model to a 820 S-Star, which requires OS/400 V5R1M0 ...
Anyone out there running OneWorld with V5R1M0 ?
(IBM's APAR# II12878 says that JDE's Client Access Express testing should be completed by Mid-June ...)


OneWorld 733.2 SP10.1
Enterprise Server AS/400 V4R4M0
Central Objects NT4.0/SQL7.0
TSE 4.0SP5.0 / Citrix 1.8 SP1


I have not been through an Upgrade to V5R1 but I just did a new Install on V5R1(With V5R1M0 Client Access Express and Latest C.A.E. Service pack). I ran into a snag with Service pack level. I couldn't install just XE Base I had to install SP15.1 immediately after Installation of the deployment server before I could make installation workbench run. The Tech Flash Document for the support of V5R1 does specify SP15.1 as the supported Service Pack level.

Hope this helps

CNC Consultant
J.D. Edwards


Active Member
We too are planning to move from V4R4 to V5R1 and I have just double checked
with JDE who have confirmed that we need to move from our current level of
SP15 to SP16.

Graham Jones
JDE Systems Manager
[email protected]

B7332 SP15 / AS400 V4R4 (CO on AS400) / Fat clients NT4

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