How to move fonts to AS/400


Hi there,
I need instructions, how to install custom fonts (Webdings and Wingdings) in the AS/400 IFS .../resource/font folder.
We're moving from B7332 SP10.1 to SP16 and it looks like SP16 UBE Server jobs are expecting the custom fonts there. Is there a tool (maybe like tamftp) which moves a font from the Deployment Server to the AS/400 IFS folder ?

Thank's in advance, Dirk

OW - B7332 SP10.1 (test SP16 in multiple foundation setup)
ES - AS/400 V4R4M0
DS - NT4.0SP6, SQL7.0 Central Objects
Fat - NT4.0SP6 and Win2000
TSE/Citrix - NT4.0SP6/1.8SP1 ME181T001


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We put in SP16 this week. These directories and fonts were just part of
the load... We did not have to do anything to get them there.

AS400 V4R5, XE+XU1+18ESUs, SP14.2, NT-SQL7 for CO