Common Ways to Import Data Into JDE



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I'm curious as to the various ways developers import data into JDE and what is the most preferred method.

There is, obviously, EDI that usually has a van then a translator interact with the JDE tables, then a JDE process runs over the tables that have been loaded. (Common process for all interfaces)
There is the dreaded Table Conversion.
There is the process of dropping a CSV or XML file in a folder location and have a Custom UBE pick up the file and process it into a custom JDE table (there is a number of different ways to do that as well within a UBE or App), then onto a F47 or Z1 table to be processed.
I know there are others (I think there are others), but
1. How often is this a requirement?
2. What is the most robust way of doing it?

Am I missing something like a new tool that Oracle has put out?
Any replies would be appreciated.
There's also R98403XB, which is relatively new. And it's very fast.
Agreed on R98403XB and XA to extract
R98403XB will read a file in XML format and insert into a target table and ENV. Have a play with XA and XB using PY to extract and DV to receive

Headerless detail APPL using a CSV and grid import (Max records limited to your JAS ini settings though)

AIS could also be used? New fancy way of writing a macro that pretends you are entering data into an E1 APPL. So it's the macro instructions plus data in an XML file
I agree with John. AIS can absolutely be used. There are a number of ways to handle the data, FSR, orchestration etc...we've run thousands of transactions through AIS with great success. Definitely worth the time to take a look.
Thanks for the replies!! All VERY helpful. Thanks!
Except, what is AIS?
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Any suggestion to Insert Data Sent-Received from a REST Connector directly into JDE Database?

I'm trying to "auto-update" with an Scheduled Orchestration Tax Rates from a Web Business Service (using REST and Orchestrator) into a JDE Custom Workfile for use/inquire.