Using FTP on the 400

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I have a requirement to use FTP to GET from a windows folder.
I have, manually, been able to run the FTP steps, and the desired file ends up in the desired library.

PROGRAMATICALLY, I won't know the name of the file to GET, so I'm trying to do a "DIR disk" or a "LS disk".
I get message 200 "Port command successful", followed by 550 "The system cannot find the file specified".

Per the documentation, the "disk" sub-command should cause FTP to create ftp.diroutput in my current library.
I'm not seeing that happen.

SO, as I wander off to google for answers, I'm asking my JDEList-friends to think about what I'm doing wrong.

(I'm having other issues when doing the MANUAL ftp, but I'm limiting myself to one hurdle at a time).



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Are you able to view the folder and its contents on the Windows box?

What is the exact command your trying to use?

It should look something like the following: LS FolderName (DISK

Frosty the Coder

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Thanks for the response.
I somehow managed to get the LSOUTPUT file that the "LS (disk" sub-command promised me.

I THINK I got lucky when I did a CHGCURLIB (mylib) prior to starting the FTP commands.

Best regards to you, your company, and the entire community of Greene, NY!