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We have DSI scripts that use a function call to submit a UBE through JDE. The Script passes the User ID to the business function, and the user ID is in execution detail, but that actual user on Submitted Jobs displays DSIMEP. Is there a way to get the actual user to display on submitted jobs instead?


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In the BSFN that is called from DSI, call BD3NSETU prior to submitting the UBE. Use the userID passed from the script. Note this will have the effect of changing the userID that will be returned in any subsequent calls to GetAuditInfo for the scope of your function.


Well, we thought it was working, but apparently not. Submitted Jobs continues to report DSIMEP submitted the report. DSI sends in @_UserID, the business function calls BD3NSETU with BF szUserId -> szUserId_USER, then calls a report asynchronously with BF szUserId -> szUserId. Thoughts @JMR?
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I developed a sneaky thing whereby I could launch UBEs under whoever I wanted using the following API

Spawn new user session using API JDB_InitEnvOvr
JDB_InitEnvOvr() initializes a JDB environment, usually on the servers.
This API passes the environment name, user name, and password for signing on to the environment.
In addition, without an initialized environment, no JDB API will work.
The environment handle initialized here is needed for the call to JDB_InitUser.