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Use of PDF Templates vs. RTF Templates

I am new to BI Publisher and was pointed to this site as a resource for learning and solving problems. In my reading I have come across the various templates that can be used. We have run into trouble with the RTF(Word) format when we print the document. The margins/spacing/font and general layouts don't seem to be a direct match which of course causes probs. So I was wondering if it might be better to create the forms/reports with a PDF template.

I am hoping that someone here can give me some guidance as to the best way to design our reports.

Thank you...


Having designed several custom reports and forms using XML Publisher using RTF has worked better than PDF. Although the templates may look a lttile off when you create them by utilizing the Peview function from within the BI Publisher plug-in for MS Word you can work with the design to correct alignment issues.
The RTF templates are the best ones to use. The PDF template works best when you have to print onto pre-printed forms like a W-2 or something else you don't have control over.

The RTF and word plugin is bar far the easiest to use while designing.


E811/8.97 - Dynamic Image Linking - XML Publisher


I am working on E8.11 8.97 tool release.
We have a created a custom JDE report based on F0101. The report is executed for employees. We are looking for the method that shall help me to dynamically link each employee's photograph respectively and provide it on the output.

Problem: The image is not getting dynamically picked up from the location.
The XML report generates correctly but the image is not getting linked. However when I preview it is fine the image is picked up and displayed.

Identification: I can ping the location where the photographs are available. What has been observed is that the Location value is returned as a text and thus it does not get linked. As guided by various documents, the location is coded at the “Alternate Text” window which is available at Picture’s Format Picture property under Web Tab. We are using RTF.

Kindly help with your experience and knowledge on the same.