US Public companies that utilize OneWorld / EnterpriseOne I follow...

As of today, the old JDE index is at a staggering 987.99 - the new index (with the newer companies) is at 1026.0.

Both indexes are showing pretty incredible returns of around 4% in the last month.

I am planning on installing some better graphing options to display the indexes versus the S&P 500, Nasdaq and Dow - as well as incorporating an SAP index as well.
They may be migrating - but they're still running JDE as far as I know ! As soon as they're COMPLETELY off JDE, then I'll remove them from the list - which would certainly be a big impact on the JDEETF as J&J has such a huge market cap...
I need some more public company names to update the "ETF" fund.

I want to replace JNJ out of the list - but thats $176Bn of market cap. Right now, I can replace it with the following :

AFFX : 0.33Bn
BALL : 6.46Bn
BEAV : 4.7Bn
CAH : 14.35Bn
CHSCP : 0.37Bn
CLW : 0.85Bn
COSHW : 0.49Bn
DXYN : 0.06Bn
EW : 8.65Bn
HDNG : 0.13Bn
HOKU : 0.04Bn
HWKN : 0.42Bn
IEX : 3.55Bn
JLL : 3.50Bn
LG : 9.07Bn
MCK : 20.01Bn
MOH : 1.63Bn
NLS : 0.09Bn
OSK : 2.17Bn
OYOG : 0.65Bn
PII : 4.72Bn
RCL : 6.49Bn
RDEN : 1.14Bn
REG : 3.82Bn
REGI : 0.27Bn
SCHL : 0.97Bn
SEE : 3.79Bn
SHAW : 1.89Bn
SJM : 8.86Bn
SLE : 11.97Bn
TREX : 0.40Bn
WMGI : 0.64Bn
WPI : 7.59Bn
XIDE : 0.23Bn

- but that only totals about $130.3Bn - so I have a $45.7Bn shortfall!

Therefore, I'm looking for additional companies I don't currently have in the list to replace JNJ in the ETF. Right now, the ETF contains the following companies. All the companies must be running at least JDE EnterpriseOne Financials :

I heard that UTX is using JDE in many of its divisions. Therefore, at $75Bn, thats quite a chunk of change and puts me "over the top" !
I have changed the list of companies in the ETF.

Removed :


The ETF now covers the following companies :


Companies ready to add later include :

By making these changes, the index changed < 0.1% today.

Before the change, the index was at 1131.40 - after the change, the index was at 1131.00

The chart can still be found at :
Big news today - PSSI was bought by MCK for $1.5Bn - representing a 35% increase in shareprice. Since MCK is also a JDE customer, this makes MCK one of the largest implementations in the US now...
You can add my company to the list, LOL (Land O' Lakes). We're a co-op though, not publicly traded, if you are interested in stock prices.
NYSE:MOH - Molina Healthcare, Inc
NASDAQ:FOX Twenty-First Century Fox Inc
Bumping this thread to see if anyone has new additions. BTW, the link listing the index that was originally created by altquark appears to be dead. curious if anyone knows of a similar list of companies that have relied upon JDE previously (within the last 8 years).
Rauf - that would definitely be interesting. I think I need to re-create the US Public Company chart again as over time its become both corrupted and various companies have broken the original chart. But having an "international" public companies would also be interested.
Hi Jon,

I don't have much experience in JDE, but I can list some of the major companies from ME, and India.