US Public companies that utilize OneWorld / EnterpriseOne I follow...


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Over the past few years, I've worked and advised various public companies that utilize EnterpriseOne and OneWorld. I'm sure that other consultants (or employees) have done something similar - and in this time, when people are starting to put their portfolios back together again - I've always been well served by purchasing stock in things I understand and love to use.

Since my whole career in the past 15 years has been dedicated to implementing OneWorld and EnterpriseOne - I'm obviously a fan and a strong believer in the product. There are companies out there that are also fans, and I have been watching their stockprices over the years.

So, here is a list of companies that I know of that utilize EnterpriseOne in some major fashion. Many of these have been compiled from listening to their employees and consultants on JDEList. I think it'd be quite nice to add a list - and maybe we could have our own JDE "index" !

Note, I'm not actually including Oracle in this list - or any business partner that bases their sales on JDE software. I'm purely looking at the public corporations that I know have implemented E1. Feel free to add your companies stock symbol as well, and we'll get a nice EnterpriseOne "Index" ! I'll try and keep this list updated too...



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A few more ...
BZH - Beazer Homes
DOLE - Dole Food Company
DRI - DR Horton
FGR.F - First Group
GPK - Graphic Packaging Company
GSK - Glaxo Smith Kline
IP - International Paper
JNJ - Johnson & Johnson
KBH - KB Homes
LEN - Lennar Corp
MMM - 3M Corp
PHM - Pulte Homes
RYL - Ryland Group
TOL - Toll Brothers Homes
WPP - Wausau Paper


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Heres another I found this morning :


If we add a few more of these, we might be able to get a "performance index" of customers who utilize JDE...


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On a whim, I decided to publish a JDE Price Index

In effect, 47 of the above listed US companies were used. The spreadsheet averages their Market Cap and divides each by a base period divisor. Our divisor is 1Bn (therefore, this is showing total valuation of all companies in the list in $US Bn) - this is similar to how the S&P is calculated.

The purpose of this is to attempt to demonstrate the "strength" of the JDE market at any point in time with those public corporations that is actively using JDE. The idea is that if a public corporation drops or acquires JDE, then they will have a large impact on this "price index".

Next step is to put together a nice historical and realtime chart. Watch this space !

Click the above URL or here :


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Well, what the heck - I started it, so I might as well finish it !

I added a historic chart that updates for the past month - and the live data shows the increase (decrease) since the close on the prior day.

I also added a "Job Strength" index for those of us that are always keeping an eye on the JDE job market - What is very interesting is that this shows the market share of live JDE jobs compared to SAP and Peoplesoft.

Enjoy !


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Companies to add :


If your company isn't listed on this page - please continue to add to the list....


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Thankyou Ethan !

If you've been following the index this year, its done pretty darn well ! Since the start of the index, its risen from ~750 to ~950 ! Thats a 25% increase in just over a year !! Anyone using this as their portfolio basis - let me know ! And if anyone knows of stocks that should be dropped for not using JDE, let me know - I've got a dozen or so additional stocks that can be replaced into the portfolio.

I have also started to create an SAP portfolio of companies that SAP uses as reference companies for their advertising. I'm planning on creating a comparative view between the SAP index and the JDE index - and compare it versus directly investing in SAP/ORCL.


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Thanks for putting this together (on top of your zillion other helpful posts). When you get the SAP and SAP/JDE comparison ready, please post the links!

Sadly, my investing methodology isn't guided exclusively by the ERP software used by the company. Maybe you will start a hedge fund solely focused on ERP and only pay a 15% tax rate!


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interesting about the hedge fund

My thoughts on the JDE investment strategy is that usually companies that implement an ERP system are at a point in their evolution when they're breaking through from a large company to a very-large company. Its indicative of growth - and a major indicator based on companies I've worked for in the past.

Either that, or the company is implementing ERP as a basis for being purchased. I've worked for several companies where implementing JDE actually places value on the company and ensures a better takeover bid occurs.

Now, there is always some risk. I've seen companies implement ERP and go completely belly-up - so its not 100% safe. Also, some of the companies in the index are Fortune 500 - so that somewhat limits growth.


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One of the stocks in our little list - PDE - is being taken over today. They jumped up 16% - and has helped the index climb to a staggering 975 !

I am working on some longer-term charts and graphs based on some wonderful unix tools I'm becoming well versed in. All good fun - but with a serious twist to it !

Please check them out here :

Note that this incorporates ALL the stocks in this chart, therefore the chart is somewhat higher.


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I love MRTG and RRD Tools for creating on-the-fly statistical graphs. But I'm looking for something better - cacti looks very similar to MRTG but I've been looking at pChart ( which also has pCache as well, reducing the time to draw the chart.

I noticed that there is no way to create a custom portfolio of stock quotes and chart these using specific variables. However, Yahoo has a great data-feed - and I was wondering about putting together something that would plot a portfolio by marketcap or by stock price, etc. is the best place to identify charts on individual stocks - but nothing so far for a group.