Outlook/Lotus External Messaging & OneWorld


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I've had a few requests offline for more info on how to set up external
messaging and JDEdwards OneWorld. I'll post these suggestions here so
everyone can chirp-in.

First external messaging works best with MS Exchange. I haven't tried it
with Lotus Notes but I've heard of some problems. These instructions have
been tested and implemented on NT 4.0 and Exchange.

The basis reason why you would want this configuration is that you can have
all messages sent to a users Inbox instead of the Work Centre. Many
companies use several large enterprise applications that each have their own
internal messaging system. Imagine having to check 5 different emails? This
config allows you to check one less email box.

There are two types of messages that a user can receive.

1. SYSTEM Mesages - a job completion message, a job error message or a
2. WORKFLOW Message - a message indicating that the user has something to do
in the system.

In the case of either a error System message or a workflow message the use
receives a shortcut that will take them to where they need to be in the

Users can also, from within JDE read their Outlook messages (I've turned
this off because it defeats the whole purpose of one Inbox)

Here are the basis steps to setting up external messaging in JDEdwards

1. Configure Client jde.ini (FAT or TSE)
2. Configure Server jde.ini
3. Configure JDEdwards OneWorld

NOTE: You only need to configure the workstation/server where you will be
running UBE's (ie if you process all UBE's on the server then you don't need
to configure the Clients)

The Knowledge Garden has a few documents on this so I won't repeat
everything (I'm hoping to do a white paper on this sometime) but I'll give
you the document ID's


Most everything is explained in these documents but if you're having trouble
just ask (the list or sent me a personal email). Here's how to setup the


1. mailServer=mail.jdedwards.com
2. mailProfile=
3. Rule1=90|OPT|MAILSERVER=mail.jdedwards.com
4. <mailto:Rule2=100|DEFAULT|[email protected]>
Rule2=100|DEFAULT|[email protected]
5. <mailto:Rule3=110|DEFAULT|[email protected]>
Rule3=110|DEFAULT|[email protected]
6. <mailto:Rule4=120|DEFAULT|[email protected]>
Rule4=120|DEFAULT|[email protected]
7. Rule5=130|OPT|MERGELOCAL=1
8. Rule6=140|OPT|UPDATELOCAL=0
(lines are number for expanation)

To configure the workstation jde.ini you need to enter values into lines 1,
3, 4, 5 & 6. The most important thing is the name resolution of the email
server. If you're on NT and using WINS then your server name is simple
'SERVERNAME'. If you're using DNS for name resolution then your mail server
name is '[email protected]' <mailto:'[email protected]'> .

To check this you must be able to resolve your server name from a command


This may take a few seconds but if you've configured it correcty you should
get a 'ready' response.

Just a note, the default configuration uses JDEdwards mail server in Denver
and YES you can send messages through it!!!

You can fill in line 2 if you like. I don't allow users to read their
Outlook from within JDE so it's not necessary.

Line number 3 should have the same mail server name as line 1. Lines 4, 5 &
6 indicate who the sender will be on the message. Example, if Joe Smith
submits a report, when that report is finished he will receive a message
back from the [email protected] <mailto:'[email protected]> .
Unless you want these messages to always come from this address you should
change this value to '[email protected]_DOMAIN.COM'
so if Joe Smith had a problem with the report he could use the reply button
to send a message to a support center (assuming that you also set this up)

Since most UBE's process on the server, the server must know where to send


<mailto:Rule2=100|DEFAULT|[email protected]>
Rule2=100|DEFAULT|[email protected]
<mailto:Rule3=110|DEFAULT|[email protected]>
Rule3=110|DEFAULT|[email protected]
<mailto:Rule4=120|DEFAULT|[email protected]>
Rule4=120|DEFAULT|[email protected]

I've actually configued a mail profile on the ES to facilitate messaging.
It's been awhile since I've configured this but it somehow seemed necessary
at the time.

The last thing that you need to do is tell JDEdwards where to send the mail.
For each employee you will need to change their mail preference to Outlook
or Exchange and enter their email address. You can dump the email address
from exchange into a table and import that into JDE to simplify this.

One last note, the minute you turn this on users will receive a message
EVERYTIME they submit a UBE. This is unavoidable but can be prevented by
client side or server side mail filtering rules.

Hope this helps & let me know how it goes. Feel free to correct me if I'm
wrong. (Suggestions will also do just fine)


Colin Dawes, MSc
City of Guelph
B7332 SP13.1, Oracle 8.1.6, NT 4.0, Fat & WTS
Re: Outlook/Lotus External Messaging & OneWorld

Hi Colin,

Your document is quite informative.
Once the preference type is set for the user, he will receive message in his mail everytime he submits the UBE. But my client wants only workflow message should go to the mail.
Is there other work around to the problem apart from client side or server side mail filtering rules?
I have broken my head for this. I am not finding anything in KG also. It would be really appreciated, if you give some lights in this direction.


Re: Outlook/Lotus External Messaging & OneWorld

my problem is our mail server is configured on port 625 instead of default port 25. how to configure ini file to work with it. as now it generates the error message
Response from the SMTP server is <550 Relaying denied to <


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Re: Outlook/Lotus External Messaging & OneWorld

JDE has made a recent change to mail functionality. With SP22 it has discontinued MAPI support and only supports SMTP. Since it uses SMTP, the theory is that all email systems now receive the same level of support.

You list the feature of reading your inbox through OneWorld. This is no longer possible SP22 and higher.


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Re: Outlook/Lotus External Messaging & OneWorld

Since MAPI support was discontinued, how do you configure a windows client with exchange server? Can exchange server be configured to support SMTP connections?
If we cannot get email to work on SP22, it is a show stopper as many of our programs have been modded to send emails for various reasons....



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Re: Outlook/Lotus External Messaging & OneWorld

You can indeed configure exchange to accept emails via SMTP. In fact your server may already be configured to support SMTP as well. It is common to do this.