Upgrade TR 8.97 to 8.98 with Vertex


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The client is using Vertex Payroll system with 8.12.

They are on iseries AS400 V5R4 and need to upgrade Tool Release from 8.97 to 8.98.

I need to know is there any implication on Vertex Payroll if we upgrade from TR 8.97 to 8.98.

I know this question is more on JDE CNC, but thought to get help from Veretx team.
Hi ;

I recently upgraded TR from 8.96 to 8.98 and had no issues whatsoever with Vertex 2.9.2.

Win2K3 Application Server with SQLServer 2005. Our vertex is installed as ISAM.

Just a small note - after April 1, 2010 you must upgrade vertex to 2.9.4 or later to install vertex data updates.