Upgrade: Merging UDCs


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Maybe one of you have hit this question, and have a good resolution for it?

• Upgrade from XE to 9.x
• Lots of Custom UDCs in XE
• Pristine contains both Net Change UDCs and Bicycle/Demo UDCs

Doing a UDC Merge to 9.x will merge the XE, Net Change and Bicycle/Demo UDCs.

We don’t want the Bicycle/Demo UDCs. How do we ‘not’ include the Bicycle/Demo UDCs during our upgrade path?


How about backing them up from Pristine, deleting them in Pristine, doing your UDC Merge, and then restoring them into Pristine?
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The problem is 'not knowing' what is an Enhancement UDC (based on the upgrade) vs a "Demo Data" UDC.

For example, as was given to me by example:
- In XE, an Advanced Pricing UDC contains three entrees. In 9.1 Pristine, the same UDC contains 10 entrees. At Least Seven of the Pristine Entrees are Specific to Demo/Bicycle Data. There is nothing about the UDC that says, "I am Demo Data".... When a UDC Merge occurs - the Bicycle Data/UDCs are included. Then, when a user goes to use Advanced Pricing - they see the new UDCs and expect that the new UDCs are Enhancements due to the upgrade.

Is there a means to scrubbing the Demo UDCs and keeping the Enhancement UDCs...
That is a sticky wicket! Thanks for clarifying, Dan. Are you sure that the upgrade process will merge Pristine UDC's into your converted environment? I don't recall any such problem in our past upgrades.

Do you have access to 9.1 Demo? I'd export the F0005 from Demo and import into a temporary custom table in your new install.

Run SQL queries to compare, contrast and remove demo data from the real F0005.
Don - I was puzzled that:
- Demo Data Existed in Pristine
- That the Upgrade Merged Pristine into the target environment

Always having been on the Development side - I hadn't been part of the UDC Cleansing Team. We'd always setup a "Converted Environment" that maintained the UDCs that were Production Ready... that had already been filtered. How it was identified what was an Enhancement UDC vs something else - I had never been involved in... just trusted the Functional peeps.

I am told, that when the UDC Merge takes place - Pristine's Demo UDCs are being merged.


I do have access to several standalones. If Demo's UDCs are in both Pristine and Standalone and the Enhanced UDCs are in both, also - I'm not visualizing the path to filter them....

Let's see of Oracle comes back with a decent response ??