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Update Quantity Using X4801


hello list,

i want to update work order quantity from P4210 based on some conditions in SO line.

When we update one Sales Order, F4211EndDoc is called from Post Button Clicked even, which also update WO table. There is one parameter in this function which can stop this editing but, its for one SO not one SO detail line. My requirement is that for each so line the condition is to be checked. So this parm is useless.

The way out was to call WO MBF to restore the quantity back. So i used X4801 begin doc, edit line, enddoc etc. But the work order quantity is not getting updated. might be the parameters are wrong. But i checked the parameters when the function is called from WO update (P48013) or SO update (P4210) as well. I sent the same accordingly... but none of the combinations were successful.

whats going wrong? please tell me Is there any other funtion which can be used instead or is there any document for using X4801? Please help.


OneWorld Xe B7333, SP 20


Did you get any solutions for this? I'm struggling with the BSFNs and their lack of documentation as well.


Need to set value for [FONT=Verdana,Arial,Tahoma,Calibri,Geneva,sans-serif]mnWorkFileLineNumber in EndDoc otherwise completes with no errors but data not changed.[/FONT]