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update 2 / SP15.1


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Hi there!

Just a small question.

Has someone already installed Update 2 or SP15.1 already?
If so were there any problems?

Richard Stam
CNC/System Administration
LIVE, B733.3 SP15, CO on AS400 Enterprise Server on V4R5 Citrix <100 users and some NT/W2K Clients


Active Member
Only Issue I encountered was during the control table merge F9000 comes back
in error saying that the change tables are empty. I changed the status from
50 to 70 . Continued running the Update.


A regular user will not be able to change their password. JDE was able to
replicate it and is working on this problem.


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Why is it that there is always something with all these SP's? Quite frankly
multiple foundations is looking pretty good.

By the way this password change thing just got me today also - after I've
had SP 15.1 in for 2 weeks! I assume that this problem isn't fixed in SP
16.0 that is now out?


Colin Dawes, MSc
City of Guelph
B7332 SP13.1, Oracle 8.1.6, NT 4.0, Fat & WTS


One other thing we found with SP15.1 was when looking at the System
directory on the CD and once installed the RESOURCE directory is missing.
This caused us great pain to figure this one out. We saw the problem when
we started to print some UBE's. Some printed fine and others did not.

Our platform is NT2000, B733.3, SP15.1, Citrix Clients. We do not have
Update2 in production yet.


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Hello List!

I have just installed SP15.1 as part of an initial installation. When I
create new users I set their password to expire immediately so that they
can enter their own password. Apparently, one of the Sp15.1 one-offs has a
problem where, after installation, the users are not able to change their
own passwords.

The users are able to go into the program, enter their old password, new
password and confirm their new password and when they exit the program it
looks like everything worked just fine. However when they sign off and
back on again they still need to use their OLD password because the
password change never actually happened. Adminitrative Password chagnes
still work so the ADMIN can change a users password for them but they can
not change their own. Even JDE can not change it's own password.

JDE is now aware of this issue and has issued SAR# 5264494. You may not
however find this if you search for SAR's but you can if you search the KG
site for this sar number. There is no fix yet but they're working on it.